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some of my hobbies


i'm into photography, more specifically anything analogue. be it instant stuff like polaroid or regular film, i'm into it. repairing things is also quite fun - i mostly get defective/untested stuff!

minolta is easily my favourite manufacturer, but i'll give anything i can get my hands on a try.

some of my gear:

out of these, the XD is my favorite for 35mm. the SX-70 is really cool too, even if it was a challenge to repair compared to my other cameras. the Image is easily the most fun camera, while the cyber-shot makes for a great companion for some shots film can't handle.


been doing that for a few years. experienced in rust, kotlin and java first and foremost, though i can wrangle js/ts, python and a few others if i need to.

rust is easily my favourite language - no other language i have used so far has gotten as much right as rust has. zig looks promising as a more 'fun' lang that restricts less in exchange for less safety, and i want to give it a try sometime.

i wish people would stop using languages like go - despite being created in this century, they fall for the same issues that C did over 50 years ago. they might be modern by creation date, but not by actual language design. also, oo is not modern anymore.

hobby electronics

tying in with repairing old cameras, hobby electronics can be a lot of fun. i've managed to design a few pcbs with kicad, and generally enjoy doing electronics work.

my dream project would be to redesign a gameboy pcb someday, maybe the sp. would be a lot of work but really rewarding!


i bike everywhere and nowhere, and you should too. car-centric society sucks and is a detriment to the world.


pokemon: classic childhood favorite, sadly anything released after the switch came out is kinda weak. people like drayano carry these games by now. got like 80% into a living dex a few years ago and gave up

rhythm: pistol whip, beat saber and a few others are really fun. was into more rhythm games in the past, and want to get back into some someday

chess: i'm not good at it by any metric, but it's fun