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What a year it's been

Jan 01 2024

… and with that, 2023 comes to a close.
What a year it’s been for me personally. It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed over the year (for the better!); it feels like it’s been way way longer than a year.

I thought it’d be nice to write down some of my current thoughts, sitting here at 12:30 in the morning of the first day of 2024.
Because of this, this is really a rambly stream-of-conciousness type piece. Expect many omissions and recency bias.


I should probably start by thinking about all the things that happened in 2023, some of which I still find hard to believe.

the people

First of all, I met so many amazing people and feel truly blessed to have gotten the chance to. They completely changed my life and I’m incredibly glad.
I managed to talk myself into visiting a pride parade in my hometown in August and my life as simply been a rollercoaster since then thanks to the friends and now parters that I found through that.

On a slightly sadder note, while I met many amazing people, I sadly also lost a few. Sometimes I still wonder what they are up to. Anyways.

The polycule I now find myself in has just been incredibly comfy and I have big hopes for it to stay that way going into this year. It’s been so loving and wonderful to get the chance to call the people around me my partners.

I’m simply immensely grateful for everyone that helped me get through the year, and hope that I get to spend time with y’all more next year. <3

my identity, in the middle of all of this

Speaking of partners, my identity in all axes shifted a good bit.
I finally am at a point where I consider myself to have finished transition (what a battle that was and how glad I am to finally be comfortable in my still-very-clearly-trans body, woo!), and shortly after had a lot of realizations about who I am as a person and who I want to be.
The short version of it:

an unexpected passion

One thing that also more or less properly started this year was my passion for photography, specifically analog stuff. When I replayed Life is Strange in October 2022 and decided on a whim to buy a Polaroid 635, I did not expect it to become such a big part of my life shortly down the line!

Currently I truly find joy in photography, mainly just taking pictures of what catches my eye, and it has become probably my biggest hobby besides being a computer nerd. Film is a lot of fun and Polaroids will stay close to my heart.

the rest

Some other things that were probably not big enough for their own section, but that I want to mention regardless:

Things to improve on

While it was a really good year, there are still some points where I, at this point, feel like I can do better. Mainly points of self-improvement.

So here’s a list, so that future me can look at it and feel bad:

Looking Forward

Now that I’ve spent some time rambling about my year, the main thing I want to do this year is spend more time with the people dear to me. I’m really hopeful for keeping many of the great connections I’ve made last year and hope to meet many more amazing folk.

To anyone reading this who knows me personally; thank you. May we spend many more good times together in this upcoming year.

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